Breakups to Makeup – The Original Makeup Clutch!

I’m super excited to share this post! Not only am I sharing the story of an amazing Latina that created an amazing brand from her passion and drive but we are also kicking off our first podcast on Girl Talk y Más and have an amazing giveaway with 2 fabulous Latina own brands!!! So be sure to check it all out!

When I first came across Break Ups to Makeup I was hooked, the cute sayings, the fabulous makeup clutches I just had to have one! Breakups to Makeup is a brand that was created by Angelique Velez, her story is an empowering one, and I don’t want to share too much, because Angelique shares her entire story on our first podcast with Girl Talk y Más! So make sure to listen, but basically Angelique turned her passion for makeup artistry and her life changes and created a fabulous brand!

This is the makeup clutch that I fell in love with, it describes my personality and the quality is amazing, the quirky and fun sayings that Angelique created are so unique, trust me there is one that is right for you! Her line can be bought in apparel, hats, and newly released compacts! Head over to her site and let me know which one is your favorite!

Her first campaign that she release is basically is the root and meaning of her story behind Breakups to Makeup! We are so excited to partner with another outstanding Latina owned brand Vive Cosmetics! Joanna and Leslie of Vive Cosmetics created their own line of a Que Matte Liquid Lipgloss that is perfectly made for every shade and skin tone for all Latinas!

Enter this awesome Giveaway with Breakups to Makeup and Vive Cosmetics!

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You can follow Breakups to Makeup and Vive Cosmetics on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!



  1. appowerfit says:

    Love the sayings on each one! And they look like they’re a good size too. Thanks!

    Alicia P.

  2. Love this makeup clutch and the quotes on them! They’re so cute and fashionable.

  3. Great sharing of the information about this awesome brand. The items in the giveaway look fantastic!

  4. SLK says:

    Oh my goodness, these little pouches with the quotes are so cute!! Looking forward to the first podcast too!

  5. Amber Myers says:

    These are pretty cute! That mascara one made me giggle. Awesome giveaway!

  6. deepagandhi says:

    The pouch looks so cute and so do you. Can we also enter the giveaway? International entries are ok?

  7. Jill says:

    Love this pouch! It’s so cute and funny xx


  8. Adorable colours and design .Love the name too .It’s perfect .Breakups to makeup is for smart women !

  9. Natasha says:

    Love the makeup bags especially! I’m starting to really like matte lip color.

    1. says:

      Yes… It’s growing on me too! This one is great because is a gloss matte!! I love it!

  10. I missed the giveaway entry but congrats on the podcast!

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