My favorite Things! – Part 1


I’m so excited to share my favorite things with you guys! I’m always looking for things that appeal to me personally and help me tell my story. You can always catch me with polka dots, blingy accents on my purses and animal prints all over everything! We all have our thing right? So how awesome was it that when I came across these amazing items, that they were all created and made by Latinas!!! It really just worked out that way, so what better time to kick off my favorite things then during Hispanic Heritage month! Yes, I’m a very proud Chica!

As I was saying, I’ve been looking at all adorable items that come across my Instagram feed or Facebook shares and I found myself making an “I want” list and these are the first 3 items that were on it! I purchased them thinking it would be fun to share them with all of you, so I reached out to each of these ladies and they were all more than happy to offer my “Meximoments” readers a discount!!! YAY!!!! How exciting is that!!!

So lets go shopping!


If this shirt doesn’t describe me, then I don’t know a better saying. But your girl is a hard worker… at work, at home anything I put my mind to, you will see me up early with the birds and going at it! How smart was Elena from Sew Bonita to realize that we Latina’s needed this in our lives, and then took it upon herself to create it! Rise and Grind baby!!!

Here’s a little more about Elena and how she started Sew Bonita!

Elena Flores was born and raised in Eagle Pass, Texas but is currently living in Corpus Christi, TX with her husband Gerald and four fur babies. She started sewing in 2014 when her husband bought her a sewing machine for Christmas. She took several sewing classes to learn basics, and has learned a lot on her own. She sews unique pieces that are synonymous with her Mexican culture and heritage.

Her husband being a graphic designer for Taco Gear, she wanted a shirt that she can wear that to her means Empowerment; and he designed a shirt for her with the word Chingona. She wore it and got a ton of compliments and inquiries for that shirt. So she decided to combine shirts for women and items she sews, and that’s how Sew Bonita was born.

Elena takes pride in being a part of the Chingona movement, and hopes to inspire other women to always feel that they are capable of anything.

It’s doesn’t get any better than having a thought and making it happen for yourself! I can relate to Elena when starting this blog and its been wonderful for me! Elena has so many cute Latina items to choose from, you are going to end up with a little Sew Bonita wardrobe to describe your hustle! Here are a few more pieces from her line.

frieda_sewbonita                sewbonita_chingona



How adorable are the Loteria cases, you can use them as a change purse or for your earbuds. This one is definitely on my list! You can order your Sew Bonita shirt today and get 10% off when you use the code “Meximoments”!  Yay!


Explore the SewBonita website here, and follow her on Instagram for the newest items!




This right here was love at first sight, I don’t even think I gave it a second thought, and my friends out there know how many times I’ve said this phrase… so it was exactly what I needed to hold my new engagement ring!!! Yay to me marrying the love my life 🙂  But I just love Maura’s creations from Pressed Intentions, I’ve been following her food & travel blog “The Other side of the Tortilla” for a while now, so when I found out she was the creator of these little beauties, it made perfect sense!

Maura Hernandez is a Los Angeles-based editor and creator. She has been blogging at about Mexican recipes and travel since 2009 to document family recipes as well as modern Mexican creations, and where to eat and spend time in Mexico. During a sabbatical from blogging to recharge her creative energy, her Etsy shop, Pressed Intentions, was born. There, she makes hand-marbled clay jewelry dishes, stationery and other gifts.

There are so many beautiful designs to choose from, there is definitely one to fit your style. Maura creates each piece by hand and they are painted to perfection, believe me that each of these are unique and they are so pretty in person! I love to look at mine all the time. These can be used in your bedroom, at the office, and can surely be the perfect gift to give this season!

Here are some more of Pressed Intentions designs:


You can find out more about the upcoming items and designs that Maura will have coming out on Oct 1. on Facebook and Instagram. Trust me there are some very exciting pieces and you want to make sure to get your order in soon! You can shop for your favorite dish and get 10% off $25 or more using my code “Meximoments” at checkout! Happy Dance!!!



I’m so honored to be one of Sweet Llamita’s newest customers and receive her first line of greeting cards! This idea had to be one of the best yet. Just like Brenda I would look and look for cards that I could send in Spanish to my friends and primas but there was nothing…what I found was either too traditional or just not what I wanted to say! So I love love love that Brenda took this idea and ran with it. I bought these adorable cards to send to some very special people, so is your one of them, then you have a Sweet Llamita card on the way!

Here’s Brenda’s story:

Brenda was born in Mexico City and moved to Napa Valley with her family when she was a young girl. She’s a Northern California girl at heart but a newly minted L.A. fan. About a year after she graduated from college, Brenda was having a hard time finding premium greeting cards that were in Spanish and culturally relevant to her parents. After several failed attempts to find greeting cards she liked and a few years of work experience later, she decided to start Sweet Llamita, a premium greeting card company with cards in Spanish, English, and Spanglish. Why not? This was when Brenda completely changed career paths and went back to school to learn design. Now, after finishing her design program, she has recently launched Sweet Llamita and her first set of cards which have received a great response from chicas who have been looking for cute and elegant designs inspired by the Latino culture. Her designs are perfect to give to anyone – from the Spanish-speaking immigrant mom to your non-Hispanic friend who appreciates Latino-inspired work. She hopes to grow her greeting card line and is definitely very excited for the journey ahead.

I love the drive and passion this lady has, you can see it in every piece of her work and she really has a talent for design! Its awesome that you can customize your cards and even pick the skin tone of choice to send to your perfect Amiga, like in this adorable “Just Because” collection.

summer-vacation-girl-close-up4_1024x1024 summer-vacation-girl-close-up7_1024x1024 summer-vacation-girl-front3_1024x1024

or you can send adorable cards to the Abuelitos on Grandparents day Sweet Llamita style!

grandparents-concentidores-inside_1024x1024 granparents_cards_8_of_15_1024x1024

So how exciting that Brenda is giving away greeting cards to 3 lucky winners. So make sure to enter so you can have a card from her first design line too! Brenda is working on more designs and will also have card sets available soon!

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All these wonderful ladies amaze me with their creativity and drive. I am loving all my new “favorite things”, I hope you loved it too.

Happy Shopping! XO

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  1. I need that Hermosa card in a frame on my vanity!!

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      i have that on.. I love it!!! Her cards are too cute!!!!

  2. Crystal says:

    All of your favorite things are absolutely awesome! I am totally loving them too! Entered to win 🙂

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      I know right.. I’m glad you like them… Cant wait to see what you pick 🙂

  3. Christy says:

    Love love love the pressed intentions!

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      Christy, I love my jewelry dish so much!!!! I literally looked at & instant love!!!!

  4. I love the Sweet Llamita cards and those dishes!

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