National Love Your Pet Day- Which Dog Breed is best for you?

National Love Your Pet Day- Which Dog Breed is best for you?

Sometimes pets are our first loves, our first friends and the ones that are most loyal! I’ve been lucky to have some of the greatest family pets growing up. Our dogs Stormy (German Shepard), Snoopy (Collie Mix), Max (German Shepard) and I even had pet bunny named Fluffy! They were mostly attached to my sister because I was really young. It wasn’t until I had my very own dog at 16 that my Aunt had given me from her dogs litter, a cute Shih Tzu named Baby Girl! She was my #1 and always by my side, we had a bond stronger that strong. I will always miss her in so many ways!

In celebration of National Love Your Pet Day I wanted to share our loving pets. Of Β course after spending so much time with the Shih Tzu breed, I grew to love them and know them more than ever! Things like their sensitive eyes and their protective nature. So when it was time to find a new pet for my daughter we picked the cutest little Shih Tzu and named her Daisy. She is literally my daughters best friend and they really couldn’t have a tighter bond.

Mariya and Daisy enjoying the Texas sun and bluebonnets!

We also had a Horse named Mia when we lived back in Michigan, I’m sharing her because she is still very much apart of our family, we just were not able to bring her with us to Texas, so she is safe and sound living with our dear friends/my daughters instructor back in Michigan. Mia taught Mariya about overcoming her fears and trusting with your all you have. I was nervous to let my 6 year old daughter ride a 1200 lbs. animal that could clearly hurt her if something went wrong, but from the moment they met Mia did nothing but love her. Mariya had many falls off of Mia, but she always got back on, it wasn’t easy for the both of us, but she never gave up! Mia will always be our girl!

Mariya & Mia at Willow Tree Riding Stables in Romulus MI. Photo credit: Niki H. Beebani

I’m so excited to team up with PuppySpot.comΒ and share their amazing site with you! They have a very reputable and trusting process to help you find the perfect dog for you and your family! What I appreciate most about their services is their No Puppy Mill Promise and that they have zero tolerance for any sub standard breeding practices. They guarantee that their puppies for sale are raised in a caring, loving atmosphere with the highest level of attention to their puppies!

Have you ever thought of which breed of dog is most fitting for you? It’s funny that I always felt like the Shih Tzu breed was the perfect one for me, when IΒ followed this Find Your Perfect Dog Breed flowchart, I ended up with the exact breed of dog I have! I encourage you to answer the easy questions on the flowchart and see which breed fits you best!

But these two girls are two pets that literally have my heart. I’m so thankful for the lessons and love they have given me and my family throughout life. Having a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences I could ever have!

Thanks for stopping by, Show your pets a little extra love today!

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