Origins- My Perfect World Event – San Antonio, TX

We had the opportunity to spend the day at the Origins #MyPerfectWorld event at La Cantera in San Antonio, Texas! It’s been so long since I’ve treated myself to fabulous skincare and beauty products, thanks to Influenster we were able to indulge in all the amazing skin treatments and products that Origins has to offer! So of course, I took my daughter and amazing friend Elisa, so thank you Influenster for sending me amazing items  from Origins products and inviting us to the #MyPerfectWorld event for free!

Origins -My Perfect World Event - San Antonio TX

It was all our first time at Origins- La Cantera and the staff was so fabulous, from the event to the one on one facials, the experience was phenomenal!  The actual event was such a success, they had a 20% discount on all items, free samples, smoothies, appetizers, dessert and tons of staff ready and willing to help you find the perfect product combination for your skin type! Actually the mini facials were all booked on the day of the actual event, but Origins and Influenster are so awesome, they offered a future free mini facial for anyone that could not book one on the day of the event.. so that’s what we did!

Origins -My Perfect World Event - San Antonio TX

The products that Origins offers are for every skin type and tone! Myself and Elisa opted for the #MyPerfectWorld line. It’s infused with antioxidant-rich White Tea to help with any premature signs of aging, and the complete mini facial felt so fabulous. I think that the plant formula ingredients that are in all of the Origins products gave my skin a fresh new look and feel! I purchased the Age- Defense treatment lotion to use in my nightly regimen and help renew my skin!

Origins -My Perfect World Event - San Antonio TX

My daughter however feel in love with the Active Charcoal Mask that clears pores and leaves the skin perfectly clear! Its best for all skin types, but helps with oily skin best! I’m so glad that my daughter is starting to take care of her skin early on in life, that’s something that I did not do for myself and so regret!

Origins  has different tea combinations in all their products, such as the Rituali Tea. It contains a Green Tea antioxidant that helps restore a true texture to the skin! Definitely a must try!!!

But a true experience and highlight that my daughter and I were able to participate in at the Origins #MyPerfectWorld event was Mystic Karen the Tea Reader. She was truly an interesting person to speak to. She would basically read the inside of your tea cup from the tea blend left behind in the cup after drinking it! It was so interesting!

Thank you so much to Influenster and the amazing staff at Origins in La Cantera for putting on such an amazing and wonderful event! Be sure to stop in your local Origins store and see all their amazing products!

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