Pollo Mole Tostadas

Growing up my dad would Pollo En Mole on special occasions, Christmas and Easter! I could remember being so excited to see him mix all the spices in our molcajete.  Enjoying Pollo en Mole was a very big part of my  childhood. So imagine how excited I was when I found DOÑA MARÍA® Mole Sauce at my favorite H.E.B store! The taste is so similar to the recipe my father would make and it makes my heart happy! Now I’m able to have #MoleEveryday with so many different dishes, but our favorite is this Pollo Mole Tostadas recipe!

Check out how easy it is to make!

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Pollo en Mole Tostadas
A great way to spice up your chicken tostadas with an every day mole taste from DOÑA MARÍA®
  1. Mix DOÑA MARÍA® Mole Sauce with tomato sauce and chicken broth.
  2. Add to chicken garlic, cumin, salt, and pepper and let it cook for 15 minutes.
  3. Layer Tostada shell with beans, chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomato and avocado!
Recipe Notes

This goes perfect with Mexican rice and your favorite salsa on the side!

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This recipe is so good and easy to make, we love adding to our favorite nachos and sharing it with our friends and family! It really makes me excited that #DonaMariaMole tastes just like my families recipe! Now having #MoleEveryday is so easy to do!

Hope you enjoy having #MoleEveryday like we do!

Pollo en Mole Tostadas


  1. This looks like a great recipe that I’ve gotta try out! I moved to a small, rural town in eastern TN and our Mexican options aren’t very great.

  2. Breena Blake says:

    Yum! looks delicious and sounds easy enough to make!

  3. Krista Bel says:

    This looks good. I’m always open to trying new recipes

  4. Brittany_WMSB says:

    Oh man, I looooove mole. I don’t know why I’ve never tried to make it! I’ll have to check out my local store and see if they sell Dona Maria!

  5. A nice recipe and looks easy to make. I like trying new things that are not to complicated to put together.

  6. Ellie Chan says:

    Oh wow that looks delicious! I’ve never tried making Mexican food before but it looks like the perfect weeknight dinner!


  7. elizabethghekiere says:

    I’m a picky eater, but this still looks so yummy. I’ll have to try it!

  8. Its so and tempting

  9. Alayna says:

    Vivi en Guanajuato por 3 meses y eso me da muchas memorias. Comida Mexicana es muy fresco pero muy rico y lleno de sabor. Esta receta es un buen ejemplo!

    1. meximoments@yahoo.com says:

      Hola Alayna! Qué maravilloso. Es tan hermoso allí ¡Espero que usted ame esta receta!

  10. Two things I like…an easy recipe to follow and a dish that is delish!!! This looks tasty, I can’t wait to try it at home!

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