Staying Organized in 2018!

Staying organized is not an easy task, most of us are juggling work, home, kids, family-time and trying to fit in all the fun stuff! Here are a few tips so that can get you started on the right track. How many of us have old mail in every corner of the house, expired food in your refrigerator and the laundry pile overflowing. It’s not a good feeling… actually just the sight of all that clutter can make a person stressed! Try these easy tips to stay organized and stress free for 2018!

Staying Organized in 2018!


Go Paperless, it will help with mail pile up and try throwing out the junk mail every couple days … a few minutes will save you lots of clutter!

Organize your cabinets and spices, a little organizing in the cabinets can go a long way when your cooking! Spice Set organizers are great for getting your kitchen organize and clutter free!

Divide your laundry to keep the items easier to wash, see the “must wash” items and keep from your pile getting to big!


Make personal time for yourself, 30 min per day to take a walk, read a book or listen to a favorite podcast!

Journal your thoughts, goals and dreams, sometimes writing them down can put it all in perspective and remember the universe is always listening!

Plan to donate time to helping those in need! Any help you can give …. time, financially, or physically helping someone that can’t do things for themselves…There are so many organizations and ways to help others!


Delete, Delete, Delete all those solicitation emails…. we all have that email box that is in the thousands! Do yourself a favor and unsubscribe to some the stores your are not interested in and organize your important items into a folder!

Just like you need to delete your emails, cleaning out photos every month will save you so much time and space on your phone, use Google Photos to back up your photos and move them off your phone! It works with both android and i-phone users!

Make use of all the apps out there! There are so many free apps that can help your save time, monitor health, count calories, even apps to help with anxiety and help you relax! We can all use this one!!

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