10 Reasons why I love Texas!

As I sit here and look out my window at the Texas sunshine in the middle of February, I think how lucky I am! It sure is a nice place to be all the time! I lived here for a few years over 14 years ago and I always missed it… so glad I found my way back! My grandmother was from Texas and she was very proud of it, she would always sing “The Yellow Rose of Texas” to me as a child and tell me about her life here! I can’t help but feel closer to her just being here!

Coincidentally one of my dearest childhood friends moved here recently with her entire family because her husband received a job transfer. I remember speaking with her about moving as she was very nervous about making the big move, and I told her “You are going to love it here” and I’m sure she thought just saying that to make her feel better.

Well, I was visiting with her a few weeks ago to see how things were going and she said “I love Texas, I’m never moving!” we both laughed because I always thought…. am I crazy for loving Texas this much? But it is a big change for a girl from the mid-west.

10 Reasons Why I Love Texas!

So here are MY Top 10 Reasons to love living in Texas!

  1. The weather is always almost perfect! I love the sunshine here, it feels different… a little brighter! You can always count on the waking up a nice warm day!!!! Love that!
  2.  l love the pride Texas has in itself. You don’t see garbage or graffiti along the highways, you see beautiful accented brick with the Texas Star or the shape of the state on them, or mountain rocks with the beautiful greenery everywhere! My drives into work are picture perfect!
  3. H.E.B probably the best grocery store ever! There are no Kroger or Meijer’s here…. They simply cannot stand to be in competition, I heard all the Kroger stores closed a few years ago. The store has the best prices (ask me about the combo loco’s), it has everything you can possibly need and every time I check out I’m offered help to take my bags to the car!!! That just doesn’t happen everywhere!
  4. Spanish is everywhere!!! In speaking with my friend that recently became a “Texan” we were saying how nice it is to be in a place where our native language is heard in the stores, restaurants, radio stations and on TV! Growing up in a place where Hispanics were mainly from a small part of the Detroit area where we were the minority, but here we are the majority!!! I love the fact that when I turn on my radio there is a Spanish remix for my favorite song, or the newscast talent are Latinos, and they offer dual language classes at my child’s school! Yes kids are taught in Spanish! It’s such a great opportunity. My daughter has embraced the language and is now including it in her daily routine! YAY for Latinos!
  5. Chic Fil A —-enough said! Hands down the best fast food restaurant option in Texas, the food is YUM, but most of all that have the best customer service around. They give out free food for a year to the first 100 people at all grand openings. And they are known to give food away at random. I had a friend that went to buy dinner for his family of six and something happened to his debit card did not work, so he called his wife to bring cash to pay for the food, but before he knew it, the manager said “Sir dinner is on us tonight” talk about southern hospitality…it’s all around over here!
  6. Vacation options are everywhere! It’s kinda crazy that you can drive for hours and still be in the state of Texas. There are so many hidden gems as well as great cities to visit from Dallas, Austin, Houston, Corpus Christi and South Padre Island that are just a few hours away! In the San Antonio area there is Paradise Canyon, Brackenridge Park, Landa Park and Port Aranasas. All fun little getaways minutes away!
  7. Sea World, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Schlitterbahn are all fun places to take the kids! And this is just in the San Antonio area, no wonder why the population has more than doubled in the past 15 years! Everyone is moving to Texas!!! I know 3 more families that are planning their move now to be here with in the next few years. I love having these amazing places literally a short drive away, all we have to do is buy a season pass and we have fun places to go all year long! Love it!!!
  8. The Riverwalk! It’s just one of the prettiest places to be. Having dinner by the river, walking along the river path and bridges or taking a riverboat tour, it’s a must see in San Antonio. I remember seeing the scene in the Selena movie where she and Chris celebrated that everyone knew about their marriage and celebrated it! Loved that scene, I think of that whenever I’m at the Riverwalk!
  9. Good ole Southern hospitality, its everywhere in Texas. I remember when we first moved here and my daughter and I went to McDonalds and they were so polite and called me “Maam”! My daughter said “wow mom, even the McDonalds people are super nice” She still is getting use to strangers holding the doors for us when we walk in a store! That’s just the norm here!
  10. For me! I found my heart in Texas. It’s where I met my one true love, I still remember the first day I saw him, and he had my heart since then. So thank you Texas for giving me the love of my life!




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  1. Gloria Melendez says:

    So glad to read how much you found yourself. Warms my heart. Love you!

  2. satrntgr says:

    I would so love to visit there one day! Looks like a great place. 🙂 #HomeMattersParty

  3. Sahana says:

    My husband did his master’s degree in Texas. He says a lot of things like big roads, perfect weather, etc. You are lucky 🙂

  4. Texas sounds like a great place! We have family members who live there and love it, too. #HomeMattersParty

  5. These are all great reasons to love Texas. I love SC for many of the same reasons. My family all live on the same 12 acres together. Down here a lot of people are filled with Southern hospitality and care about one another.

  6. michellejames42 says:

    Texas sounds perfect! It is on my bucket list to visit! Do you know I have never been to a chic fil a? Love having you as co-host of #HomeMattersParty

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