It’s a Great Day for Baseball & Cuba!

 Baseball & Cuba

It’s a great day in Baseball today! As you know the Tampa Bay Rays were permitted into Cuba to play the Cuban national team! They are playing on the same field the great Jackie Robinson played on before his MLB days. It’s been over 17 years since a Major League Team played in Cuba and even longer since a U.S president visited Cuba in this fashion. President Obama sat alongside Raul Castro and watched a good ole game of ball. WOW!

And even though all these events are huge milestones and great for both counties, I can’t help but think of all the emotions Cuban-Americans are feeling around the world. There is such a deeper meaning here, this means so much more and I can’t help but be overcome with emotion. I’m not Cuban but my dear sweet friend is and I know for her and her family, the road has not been easy as for many Cuban-Americans.

As I watched this ESPN special with Jose Abreu -1st Baseman for the Chicago White Sox, my heart dropped. He defected from Cuba to Haiti before establishing residency here in the U.S. Most left with nothing, on small boats with waves higher than you can imagine, so much that most can’t even talk about it….. It’s an experience that no person should ever have to go through. They left their mothers, fathers, family and in Abreu’s case, his son. Never to know if they will ever see them again. Can you imagine the decision process they went through … I can’t imagine…I just can’t!

Abreu made a clear point, “What I see when thinking about other Latinos whether they’re Dominicans, Mexicans, Venezuelan players they come here to play and can return home to their own countries”

For the first time since leaving Cuba, Abreu was able to see his Daniel thanks to the Baseball Goodwill Tour in 2015! You can see Jose Abreu’s interview here:


What happened today in Cuba is monumental for all that had to make those choices that left an empty hole in their hearts. I pray that one day we can visit Cuba, and Cuban’s can visit the United States without any problems.

This is dedicated to my dear friend and her mother Saray and Yinet Medina, always in my heart!

God Bless us all!

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