Empowering Women – Featuring Yvonne Guidry -Spoiled Latina

Empowering Women - Featuring Yvonne Guidry -Spoiled Latina

One thing I know about Yvonne Guidry is this lady has Hustle! If she’s not heading to the west coast to cover an event for one the many big brands she represents, you can catch her in her Houston,TX where she makes her home and just kicked off her very own online radio show, The Spoiled Latina Show! When I came across the Spoiled Latina blog, I just loved it. From interviews with big names like Thalia and Romeo Santos, to hosting Latin segments on Houston’s local TV Stations. She does an amazing job at representing a strong Latina work ethic all while balancing her life as a wife and mother! Yvonne knows all about, fashion, beauty, style and music and the way she holds it all together makes her an Empowering Woman!

She has done an amazing job at creating her brand “Spoiled Latina”  it may sound harsh but don’t take it the wrong , she’s worked hard to get to where she’s at. Yvonne has been nominated for Best Latina Fashion Blog, Fashion Stylist to various artist and featured in various magazines such as Latina Magazine, Cosmo Magazine and The Houston Chronicle! This girl is busy!

Empowering Women - Featuring Yvonne Guidry -Spoiled Latina

She even has a “Spoiled Latina Day” yes, as in an official day from the Mayor  of Houston…how’s that for making moves! SL Day is an Empowering Women Event that invites guests come listen to a group of motivational women, relax, enjoy and of course “spoil” yourself, all while supporting an non-profit organization.

Empowering Women - Featuring Yvonne Guidry -Spoiled Latina

Since starting her blog in 2008 she’s built a profitable online brand that starts with being a strong, hardworking, focused Latina. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to ask Yvonne a few questions about her success!

Empowering Women - Featuring Yvonne Guidry

Question 1:

M: I really love your blog, you’ve been doing this for quite a while and created an awesome brand with “Spoiled Latina”…. What is the story behind your blog name and what inspired you to start it?

SL: Thank you so much. I created SpoiledLatina to share my thoughts online as a creative outlet for me. I began my career in the music business doing project management and styling.  I was called a Spoiled Latina when I was in a snappy mood and perfecting a project. I naturally transitioned into blogging and the brand has grown.

Question 2:

M: You have a great personality, I’m sure that’s why you’ve had such a successful blogging career. Its’ interesting that you work with various categories and brands from, music, clothing and beauty. What advice can you give new bloggers that are looking to have a career similar to yours? Any do’s and don’ts?

SL: Thank you. I always advise new bloggers to be authentic to who you are and not do things that you think a blogger should look like, dress like or write about. Do what you like and share that authentic story.

Question 3:

M: Congratulations, it’s so exciting that you have this opportunity to have your own radio show. How did this come about and what type of topics will you cover on your show. Where and when can we find The Spoiled Latina Radio Show?

SL: The show was something that I have always wanted to do. I love covering events and interviewing folks so when I was approached with the opportunity, I of course thought about it over and over and it took me a few months to make it happen. The idea of the show is to bring the blog to life and hopefully that’s what the viewers are getting. You can listen and watch the show online at www.cbbaradio.com 

Question 4:

M: You have great music connections and have experienced hosting an event such as the first ever Latin American Music Awards for Sprint Latino? How was that experience and what did you take away from that experience as a blogger?

SL: The experience was great. I am fortunate to have a great relationship with Sprint and I was invited by Telemundo to cover the show so I created the opportunity for Sprint to be involved with the show, but through me. As a blogger, these opportunities are available to you with the right pitch.

Question 5:

M: Seeing all your success and following you on all social media outlets, you are very inspiring especially to other Latina’s such as myself. Where do you see Spoiled Latina going next?

SL: My goal for SpoiledLatina is to be a global lifestyle brand where other women can be inspired and learn from myself and other Latinas. A TV show would be great, I would love to write a book, act, and work with more brands to help other aspiring bloggers make money.


It has been so motivating speaking with Yvonne and following her successful career! If you have not checked out The Spoiled Latina show yet, don’t worry, you can listen/watch her first two shows at SpoiledLatina.com  But make sure you are tuned in on Thursday Oct 6th, to listen to the SpoiledLatina interview with Suzette Quintanilla and Chris Perez straight from the MAC Selena Launch last Friday, she will also have Damon Dash, Hip Hop entrepreneur and co-founder of Rocafella records on her show! Listen every Thursday at 11a C.S.T to catch up with Spoiled Latina!


I want to thank Yvonne for always being a supportive, positive and motivating empowering woman! I’m glad we finally had the opportunity to meet while we were both at the MAC Selena launch. #SelfieMoment

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  1. Crystal says:

    She sounds like such a fun loving and hard working Latina. I loved reading this interview! So glad you were able to meet her Marisa! Thanks for introducing us to the empowering women on your blog, it’s been an eye opener!

  2. satrntgr says:

    What a great lady and wonderful post to get to know her! Thank you for sharing. 🙂 #HomeMattersParty

  3. Pam says:

    A very interesting interview! She has much to be proud of. #HomeMattersParty

  4. Thanks for sharing your interview with Yvonne. She sounds like a fun person to get to know. #HomeMattersParty

  5. Sahana says:

    Interesting Interview, Marisa. #HomeMattersParty

  6. Crystal says:

    I won’t object to any one spoiling me 😉 #homemattersparty

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