Empowering Women – Rosie Mercado

Empowering Women - Rosie Mercado

When you first see Rosie Mercado her captivating beauty is what shines through, but her energy, personality and huge heart is what makes her an empowering woman. For myself, Rosie has been a constant role model of strength, being proud of who she is, her plus size figure, and most of all her faith! If you follow Rosie then you already know that she’s the type of person that puts herself out there, her fans as well as her critics have seen her go through the good, bad and ugly! But it’s Rosie’s kind and genuine heart that has always been apart of her beauty no matter what her size!

I’ve been following Rosie’s international plus size modeling career for years and relate to her on so many levels, from watching her go through her weight loss and all that came with it, to being a single mom to her three beautiful children all while managing her huge career. Recently I have been able to get to know her personally as we worked together on this project and she has been so supportive and inspiring, but then again, that’s what Rosie’s all about, paying it forward and giving her all into everything she is apart of! I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to talk with Rosie and do an interview with her that goes past her weight-loss story but shows a more personal side of her struggles and victories, and this lady has some HUGE victories!

I want to congratulate Rosie on her new position as freelance correspondent for fashion, beauty and health for Telemundo and Univision.  She also works with SLINK Jeans modeling their fabulous plus size jeans for the curvy and curvier! I love what SLINK stands for Sexy – Lovable – Intelligent – Noticeable and Kind.  Rosie is the perfect person to represent this fabulous brand! You can read more about SLINK Jeans in their article with the LA Times.

One of the topics I wanted to talk about with Rosie is the 40 day transformation that she has been sharing publicly with her daily posts and videos. We’ve seen her go through a physical transformation for sometime now but this seems different, this is what Rosie said about how this has impacted her thus far?

“This has been so difficult and by that I mean the most difficult thing we deal with is the mind, the thought process and the emotions behind it. It takes lot to be present in the moment and understand what are you thinking, why are you thinking it and what is the question that keeps repeating itself? It’s about changing that primary question in your mind by saying “What am I doing? Is this question really serving my life and am I reacting or am I listening. You know its one thing is to hear and it’s another to really listen. I noticed that I am a reactor, I’m so go, go ,go and the stress of things start hitting me left and right! Its so important to slow it down, deal with your emotions whether its going good or bad, and have that sense of stability and know that you have to direct your mind, because your mind can really play some games on you!”

This is so true, change is hard and realizing that you need to make changes in order to improve your way of living and be happy is a challenge in itself. This is how Rosie found her inspiration to start this transformation.

“You know Tony Robbins has been such a huge inspiration in my life and I’m a graduate from Robbins University, that has really motivated me. My father has always taught me that we should choose to be on a path of growth and you have to invest in yourself to keep growing. When we feel stuck at times its because you are not creating any change, you know if nothing changes….then Nothing Changes!”

Over the years Rosie has been criticized in so many ways before and after her weight-loss. When I think of the scrutiny she suffered, it was almost as if you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. I think it’s a huge accomplishment that Rosie lost over 100 lbs on her own, before having surgery. How many people can say that? I asked Rosie how did she overcome the negativity and stay positive through the changes?

“You know its about raising your standards, because you are responsible for what you want. It’s never been clear to me in my life that you have exactly what you tolerate. Don’t ever let anyone name your baby, and when I say that it means to don’t let anyone name your dreams. You are what you fear, when things don’t happen it’s because you are not prepared. It was important for me de-clutter my relationships and learn how to bite my tongue. Ultimately you are responsible for what you want.” 

Before anything Rosie is an amazing, loving, single mother to her three children Isabella, Valentino and Alesandro. In videos that she shares you will see her meditating with her son, dancing with her daughter and running through the park with the kids. They have been on this journey with her every step of the way. Rosie explains how her weight-loss and transformation journey has impacted them.

“This transformation has impacted them for growth. It’s about being re-directed and seeing life changes. We are human, we all fall down but we get back up and they are learning life lessons that we are capable to succeed. They have seen me cry and struggle but they also seen me get back up!”

If you are a follower of Rosie then you know she loves her “Yes You Can” shakes and supplements that has helped maintain her weight-loss along with her exercise routine and making healthier food choices. When I asked her about her work out/diet regimen, this is what she said:

“I love my Yes You Can maintenance program, it really keeps me on my game and I just feel good! You want to create your life goals for you and with purpose. You can’t starve yourself and expect to have clear thoughts.”

Lately, Rosie speaks about overcoming the fear and negative thoughts that come along with any change. I asked her what type of advice she would give to those that are starting a weight-loss /transformation journey, and how can one prepare themselves to stay focused and get through the times when you feel like giving up.

“Negative thoughts happen when you are asking yourself the wrong questions. It’s important to leverage yourself and have clarity of why you are doing this action. Ask yourself why do I feel this way? Create manifestation boards of things that you want to happen in your life and update them as you go to stay focused. Make small goals say “I want to lose 5 lbs instead of I want to lose 100 lbs” Success and happiness are not the same thing, take back control of your life, everything is a lesson and is directing you to where you are supposed to be.”

What powerful empowering woman, you can see why Rosie has made so many of her dreams come true. Her mind, her thoughts and her process are all apart of her success. I can’t begin to tell you the life lessons that I learned from listening to her experiences and seeing her overcome the obstacles in her path, she shares so much and guess what, she’s just like you and me! Congrats to Rosie Mercado on all her achievements I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

I want to personally thank Rosie for her advice, encouragement and support she has given me, it’s truly priceless.

Above Rosie is pictured in the SLINK Jeans “Love Your Body” ad that promotes body-positive messages. It’s such an empowering way to celebrate your curves!

I’m also excited to share that we will be representing SLINK Jeans at the MAC Selena launch in Corpus Christi, TX on September 30, 2016. Please make sure you are following us to see all the fun and exciting things happening inside the launch party as we celebrate with SLINK Jeans!

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