LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Review


Have you made it into your local LUSH store yet? We went for the first time and the experience was impressive! LUSH has organic freshly handmade products for anything you can possibly need for body, hair, face and even makeup! They pretty much invented their own products from fruit and vegetables. Their store is set up with all the fun colored scented products displayed without packaging, for the items that do need packaging , they use recycled materials to do so! The atmosphere is fun and energetic, with music playing and lots of employees greeting you with smiles and offering their help! My daughter loved it, they even had an over sized sink where anyone and go and feel how the bath bombs, bubble Β bars and Β soaps feel.


One thing I loved about LUSH is their Charity PotsΒ click here to learn more. Basically they have numerous charities that they give 100% of the purchase price towards the humanitarian, environmental and animal rights non-profit organizations around the world! How awesome is that! It’s so educational because you can see on each Charity Pot -hand and body lotion where your donation is going. The pots are complete with pictures, contact information and what the organization stands for! This is a wonderful way to support organizations knowing all the proceeds are going to to help the organization you care for the most!


So I got the feeling that LUSH is an amazing company to work for, not only are the employees inside the store the most energetic staff but they are so excited to tell you about LUSH, give you free samples, let you try the products out and stay with you in case you have any questions. I felt like I had a personal shopper with me! But even beyond that LUSH obviously has a production facility where these fabulous products are made, how wonderful is it that every employee who made the actual product that you are purchasing has a sticker photo of that employee, with their name, when it was made and the best by date! So you know where your product came from and the employee gets credit for their work! I thought that was such a great personal touch that makes LUSH an awesome place to work!


We had the best LUSH experience, these are the goodies that we came home with and the fun LUSH employee that helped us out. He was nice enough to take a picture with my daughter because she was so excited with all her products! Once we were home, my daughter could not wait to use her bath bombs that felt and smelled like heaven.

Find you local LUSH store here and go have the experience, trust me you will love it!



Check out the Christmas line already out in stores!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Shopping!

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  1. Crystal says:

    Ohh I haven’t made it into one of these stores! You know I’ve never tried a bath bomb?!

  2. Those sound like great products! I’ll have to see if they’re available near me. πŸ™‚ #HomeMattersParty

  3. The bath bombs are a favorite!! Aiden loves them too.

  4. michellejames42 says:

    This is one of my daughters favorite store! I get her a gift certificate their every year!! Love having you as co-host of #HomeMattersParty

  5. I have never been into a Lush store but hear so much raving about their bath bombs. I don’t know where my closest store to visit would be, but I definitely would love to go in one day. #HomeMattersParty

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