Happy… ME!


As I sit back and get ready to move into this new year of 2016, I finally can exhale… and let me tell you, I’ve been “waiting to exhale” for years!!!! YEARS!!!!!

This week I was challenged….. Someone very close to me said some very hurtful things to me and my quickest reaction was to go off on this person because my temper is short, and I did! I went off… but the lasting effect of the feeling it left me with is still lingering. Hurt, sadness, disappointed, violated? I won’t let it stay with me though, life is too short…. I will move on and be thankful for the experience.


They say a New Year should bring a New You, but I have to say, I like the “ME” I am today! I’m always on the road to being a healthier, more financially stable and over all positive person, but I’m going to go with just being happy with ME!

I’m so quick to let things get the best of me, especially when it’s something someone says or thinks of me, but then again do we ever really grow out of that one? Who cares what they think or say, it’s time we are comfortable in our own skin, with who WE are!


I have an amazing daughter that I have just been blessed with in so many ways, I have my parents that are supportive, a great sister that keeps me grounded, friends that are always there when I need them and even if I don’t, a soul mate that I’m able to share many wonderful moments with and above all I have my faith, that pulls me through every time I fall.


So I’m going to stick with that! Happy New Year!

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  1. So happy you are part of this Marissa! Looking forward to reading more and getting to know you too!

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