What are you thankful for?

When asked that question most of the responses are common.

My Family, my home, my job, my friends, etc…. and although I’m thankful for all of these things too, I had to sit back in my new home and think of all the reasons that brought me to this place as well as this place in my life!


God knows I didn’t take the path my mother had planned, and I definitely had a road less traveled. But I’m very thankful for this journey because it has made me the person I am today. I’m so thankful for every bump and bruise, for every friendship that ended, every heartbreak, every job loss, every hurtful comment, and every argument that led me to where I am today… physically and mentally!

Sometimes we need to sit back and appreciate the tougher times, for it is why we made the decisions and choices throughout life. It’s why we have children, why we love, why we are stronger, and why we need to be entirely Thankful!

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This year brought so many changes for my daughter and I, we have had the ultimate test of faith, love and strength. I can’t say it’s perfect or even wonderful all the time, but it’s so RIGHT! I have no doubt that we are exactly where we are meant to be for that I am eternally THANKFUL!

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  1. Troi Cluse says:

    I love this post! Something so simple, such as being thankful, is taken for granted. A lot of times, we may never realize what life would be like if something precious to us was taken away, or our freedoms, beliefs, rights, and privileges in life. Thanks for the words of wisdom! 🙂

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