Home Decor with Paper Flowers!

When I first came across the paper flower display at an event in Downtown San Antonio from Forever Petals by Vee I absolutely fell in love! I honestly couldn’t believe they were made out of paper! I instantly thought how amazing these would look as a home decor addition to our family room! The colors and style of flowers are endless, I’m planning a wedding this year and my daughter’s Quinceañera in two years so I’m definitely going to be adding the personal touch of these beautiful floral pieces!

Here are the colors I picked out, they came out fabulous! I love them and so does my soon to be hubby!

Home Decor with Paper Flowers

Here’s a pic of how they look in our family room! I love how all the colors go together and how great it goes with all my other decor!

I’m not the big crafty blogger that I would like to be, so I’m super thankful for creative souls like Forever Petals by Vee, she is super talented with her artistry and design… I can’t get over how amazing our paper flowers brighten up our home! Take a look at some of my favorites and if you are wanting some paper flowers of your own! Vee was kind enough to offer a discount that I can share with my readers!

Use the code “MEXI15” at her Etsy shop until March 15!

This is a picture a from a nursery that Vee did for an out of town client… Yes she can make and ship your paper flowers to you anywhere in the U.S. (Don’t forget to use the coupon code above). I love how paper flowers can give any room a complete unique look!

Home Decor with Paper Flowers This heart floral is one that I’m considering for my wedding! It’s something small and unique that we can also have as a keepsake! Vee can also make amazing backdrops of any size and color to go perfect with your event! I’ve seen her work at fundraisers, schools and b-day parties, etc!

Home Decor with Paper Flowers

Vee and I are also doing a HUGE giveaway of a Spring Paper Flower Set! The giveaway is live through this Friday March 10th, just follow a few simple steps and you are entered, anyone in the U.S. can enter and we will ship your flowers for FREE! Enter by clicking on the Instagram link below!

Head over to Forever Petals by Vee Etsy Store and see all the designs and colors to choose from!

If you love making crafts, pin this image below and share it with your friends!

Home Decor with Paper Flowers

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  1. emilynncaulfield says:

    WOW! Perfect timing to find this post, I’m actually creating little jars filled with paper flowers for wedding decor. This is super useful! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. meximoments@yahoo.com says:

      OH how awesome! That sounds like a great idea!!! Please share them when your done!

  2. These flowers are so pretty! Awesome post!

  3. Maria Doss says:


  4. Good heavens! These are unbelievably stunning! You did an amazing job. I am not crafty but would love to try to learn how to make these.

  5. This is such an awesome idea. I need to make this for decoration.

  6. So beautiful and the colors are so vibrant. I wish i could get my hands on some do you sell them?

    1. meximoments@yahoo.com says:

      Hey there! I actually have a giveaway going on through Instagram that you can click on above and enter. Or you can purchase through @foreverpetalsbyvee and use my code “Mexi15” for 15% off! Happy Shopping!

  7. sveeteskapes says:

    I love flowers and I love DIY, so this is such a perfect find! Love all the ideas and inspiration here.

    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

  8. seekneverland says:

    These paper flowers are awesome. The ones in the room on the wall are gorgeous. How long did it take you to master this art?

    1. meximoments@yahoo.com says:

      Oh I’m no where near this crafty, they are from Forever Petals by Vee and if you want to order I have a code for 15% off “Mexi15” ..We also have a giveaway on Instagram that you can enter by clicking above! Thanks!

  9. these are so pretty! They make wonderful decor projects that bring color into the room and make it look really put together.

  10. Delecia says:

    I love this option for decorating a room like the one with the nursery. I think I may consider this as an option to add a pop of color to my living room this spring

  11. Caroline says:

    I tilitslky wanna do this in my little girls room. What a great way to make it special.

    1. meximoments@yahoo.com says:

      Awesome Caroline, Make sure to enter the giveaway on Instagram!

  12. Amrita Basu says:

    The paper flowers are beautiful. Love getting colours and the details.It’s a wonderful way to pretty up the room.Will check out the store.

  13. These paper flowers are beautiful! My friend has a daughter who would love these on her wall! I can’t wait to surprise her!

    1. meximoments@yahoo.com says:

      Awesome! Don’t forget the 15% off code “Mexi15” 🙂

  14. I have to try these out! I’ve been wanting to spice up my room for spring 🙂

  15. Chante says:

    Omg so good, I think I just found myself a new DIY project.

  16. This is so cute!! I never thought of doing this myself, always buying them. Will have to try!

  17. Carrie says:

    OMG these are gorgeous. These would be perfect for my daughters room!

  18. These are gorgeous decorations. So colorful. Great, fresh ideas for Spring. https://sherikayehoff.com/how-to-change-three-mindset-blocks-to-increase-your-results-now/

  19. Your paper flowers are perfect! I have made some before – they did not turn out quite this nice. I am going to try again using your post as a guide. Thank you!

  20. Shane Prather says:

    I love the vibrant colors, so gorgeous! Would love some to decorate my new home!

  21. Kristen says:

    Oh wow, these are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Oh, wow! These are so beautiful and look like such high quality. I absolutely love them – so many possibilities!

  23. Those are gorgeous enough to use in a bouquet or table setting. Plus, you can keep them after the event!

  24. These are so pretty!!! <3 Thank you for sharing these, will definitely consider doing this on my next decoration project! 🙂


  25. itsgogu says:

    Hey, This is so beautiful man, Actually do you have any video for that ?? I am not good in craft and I want to make this for my friend.

    1. meximoments@yahoo.com says:

      Hi! Actually… just follow foreverpetalsbyVee on Instagram, she will have tutorials coming out this week on how to make paper flowers! Good Luck I hope they come out great!

  26. Garf says:

    You are creative. They look really beautiful.

  27. Anna says:

    This is a beautiful decorations.

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