I hope these balloons reach you!


Happy Birthday to me!

It’s been an emotional one… entering my second score! Yep the big 4-0 ….I’ve never been a “birthday” type of person. I’m not one of those that tell the world or celebrate all month, I even purposely block it on Facebook from it notifying everyone, because that is just too much birthday overload for me, however all the birthday love I do receive is very genuine and appreciated! I’m sharing this post for a few reasons. (1) because I’m 40 and that’s kinda big. (2) I share this 40th b-day with someone special and (3) I learned a valuable lesson.


So, I’m 40.. YAY! it’s clear to me that everyone will start to think of me as old, then I saw this picture that my best friend since childhood sent me, it made me laugh, but it also made sense. In my twenties, I moved out of state to Texas and started a new journey, in my thirties I was back in MI and raising my daughter on my own, and now at forty I’m back in Texas marrying the love of my life and enjoying my little family! How’s that for full circle for ya… so yes I think I can start really living life now that it feels complete!



Not only am I 40…but so is “Jelly Belly” how cool is that! We’ve both been around for 40 years! Jelly Belly’s are the most yummy flavored Jelly candies around and just in-case you didn’t know, they have organic Jelly Belly’s now!

Learn more about Jelly Belly here: Happy 40th Jelly Belly!



On a more personal note, I’ve had a hard time dealing with this birthday, not only am I away from my close friends and family but it’s hard being in a new place and trying to connect with new friends at this age, but I have made a few and I’m so thankful!!! My bonds with my friends have always been strong ones. I’ve been close with my 2 first best friends for over 35 years til this day!

But as I was pouting and totally shunning the fact I had to turn 40, I quickly was reminded about my close friends that never made it to 40… my dear friend that I lost over 22 years ago is always in my thoughts… At the age of 17 my friend Chris lost his life in a car accident on March 3 on the way to school one morning, it was honestly one of the worst days of my life and many of my friends and definitely for Chris’s parents Mike and Liz who are the most loving, beautiful soles on this earth. I’ll never forget the way I felt that day, and how much I hated that day for so many years. It was honestly the first time I lost someone very close to me, and to see my other friends hurting was just the worst. My good friend Mike was Chris’s very best friend and he was never the same after that day! But we helped each other through it together and everyone from Holy Redeemer High School tried to heal and move forward as best we could, we all take Chris with us everywhere we go. When we graduated, he was with us and received his H.S. diploma, as we all started our lives in the real world, we all carried him in our hearts!

We all had our memories with him that we would hold forever, even though Chris was more of a clown character type of kid, he had his way of saying things to you in his own vocabulary, I can’t tell you how many times he told me to “be still” …I went on to dread the day he passed every year but Chris always let us know he was close. I know for me, I believe in signs and it’s not a surprise that exactly 10 years after he passed away I had my daughter on that exact same day. So March 3 ended up being a bitter sweet day for me. But I honestly think in my heart that Chris wants us to be celebrate any chance we get.

This upcoming March 9, 2017 Chris would be turning 40 and we all will be celebrating for him…

Β I hope these balloons reach you my friend!Β 


My blog is all about enjoying the moments, so please make sure you take time to do that.

This post is dedicated to all my friends that never made it to celebrate their 40th, especially

Christopher Michael Hodge

Yvette Passement

Β Elisa Hicks

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  1. satrntgr says:

    Welcome to the “club!” 40 is the new 20, so you’re in a good crowd! πŸ™‚ #HomeMattersParty

  2. What a sweet remembrance of your friends. I agree with the previous commenter that 40 is the new 20! πŸ™‚ #HomeMattersParty

  3. Michelle James says:

    A beautifully written post. Enjoy your 40’s. I love how you honored Chris as well. Happy Birthday! #HomeMattersParty

  4. Pam says:

    Happy birthday! How sweet of you to remember your friends in this way. BTW, 40 is YOUNG! πŸ™‚ #HomeMattersParty

  5. Crystal says:

    Happy happy birthday!! Very neat idea πŸ˜‰ #homemattersparty

  6. Lorelai says:

    Congratulations on the birthday! I hope it was a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

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