Inspiring Crafts to Kick off the New Year!

Inspiring Crafts to Kick off the New Year!

Inspiring Crafts to Kick off the New Year

Get ready to be inspired! I joined my friends from SA Live on KSAT 12 in San Antonio TX to share some of my favorite inspiring crafts that are great to do with your family or friends! Here are the fun activities we shared!

Make a Dream Catcher!

Dream catchers are a fun craft that kids will especially love to make! Creating a dream catcher will bring the good dreams to you and shift the bad ones away! Check out my video below on how to weave the perfect dream catcher!

Create a “Happy” Jar!

This is my favorite new and inspiring craft that we recently just added to our family tradition. By creating a “Happy” Jar, you are keeping track of all the fun and positive moments that happen throughout the year! The whole family can contribute and you can reflect on all the great memories at the end of the year!

Create a Vision Board!

A vision board is the best way to set of your year on a clear and positive path! By putting all of your dreams and expectations for the upcoming year in one place, you are creating so much positive energy! It’s a great thing to do as a family or get together with friends and have a vision board party!

You can watch my SA LIVE segment HERE!

Its always so much fun sharing crafts and recipes on SA Live, You can see my past segments such as D.I.Y. Galaxy Crafts and Apple Pie Mini Bites right here! Listen to our latest episode of Girl Talk y Mas and follow our Facebook Page to see our upcoming events so you can join in on all the fun!

Inspiring Crafts to Kick off the New Year!


  1. Noelle Lynne says:

    Love the happy jar! Going to be home this upcoming weekend and can not wait to make my own!

  2. Ashley says:

    Those are all such adorable crafts! I love the Happiness Jar. We do a kindness jar in our house, but it is also so important to practice gratitude and to savor our most positive moments. Cool segment on SA Live, too!

  3. LOVE the vision board idea – I may just do that for my home office!

  4. Brittanyisliving says:

    I have been meaning to create a vision board since the start of the year. Thanks for the great reminder. The happiness jar is also sooo neat! <3

  5. jross028 says:

    My favorite is the dreamcatcher! I love them and think it would be so fun to be able to make my own. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Autumn says:

    I need to do a vision board! They definitely help with focus and meeting or exceeding your goals.

  7. alicefaggi says:

    I LOVE the colors on those dream catchers. I did a vision board for myself this year and it was SO much fun. Great ideas!!

  8. Carly says:

    I love the idea of a happy jar! These are such great crafting ideas to do with your kids. I really want to try a few out!!

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