I’ll never forget the day I danced in Purple Rain!


It was July of 1997, and since I was an avid concert goer I was definitely not going to miss Prince live! I was 19, and this moment has clearly stuck in my mind for over 19 years! It was the Jam of the Year Tour at Pine Knob an outdoor music theatre outside of Detroit partial seating and the rest lawn but a great place to hear music because it echoes for miles! My friend Dee and I were beyond excited to experience this together, although we only had lawn seats. We made it there early and pushed ourselves to the front of the lawn and jumped over the rail in order to get a closer glimpse of the Man himself! Eventually we ended up back on the lawn, I don’t remember much but I remember dancing and singing to every song with the rest of his admirers. And just when the concert was near the end…… it started to rain, and he started to sing Purple Rain, it was almost as if God planned it out that way. The lights under the entire pavilion turned purple and so did the rain… and we danced on the grass in the Purple Rain! I swear I will never forget that experience!


I read once that Prince loves candles, he had one in every room of his home….As we all mourn the death of this iconic man and musical genius, I will light my candles tonight and remember when I danced in the Purple Rain!

My Heart is sad!

purple heart


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