In Support of Breast Cancer Awareness!

I can bet that Breast Cancer has hurt almost everyone of us in some way. It’s completely unfair that one single disease can cause this much pain. I have two stories that I want to share in hopes that this brings awareness on how important it is to get checked yearly, and if you find anything abnormal, please go to your doctor! It can truly can be life saving! I make sure my 12 year daughter is well aware of the importance of being checked because she’s seen it hurt the ones we love and I know she will keep it a priority as she gets older.


My first experience of even knowing this disease existed came at a young age, I was about 14 and I remember my dad telling me that his cousin Socorro (Coco) Hernandez had passed away and he was very upset, she was only 37 years old and she had a very loving husband Samuel and 3 beautiful little girls Maria, Lourdes, and Marisela. I remember attending the funeral and not really understanding how something like this could happen, my parents didn’t really give me a big explanation of what this disease was or anything about it. My 3 cousins were all around my age, and all I could think of was them and how sad they would be growing up. Sadly, I never really saw this side of my family too often, I think time just slipped away and family gatherings would the only times we would get to see each other. As time passed, it was one of my cousins Lourdes (Coco’s daughter) Quinceanera and we attended, seeing them made me realize that I didn’t want more years to pass without being close to my cousins. Not only did I feel close to each of them in my own way, but we lived 10 min away from each other and never made an time to see each other, I really didn’t want that to go on. Not long after that we made sure we stayed close, actually closer than close. These girls I would do anything for and they know that!


In the 1980’s Susan G. KomenΒ launched the breast cancer movement, however only 30% of women 40+ were having mammograms. Since then the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure has brought so much awareness with over 150 race events across the nation.Β My primas along with their dad and lots of our family and friends attend the walk each year, walking in honor of their mom and continuing to fight for her every year.
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My cousin’s are the strongest little ladies I know, and I say little because they are all under 5ft, they get that from their mom πŸ™‚ they also have her heart and her spirit living inside them each day. Now that we are all grown up we are still closer than ever, my relationship is special with each one of them, but now we don’t live 10 minutes away anymore. Maria and Lourdes are in Michigan where we grew up, Marisela lives in Arizona and I’m in Texas. I still always want them to know that they are in my heart and that even though we are not all in the same place we are still fighting this together. When I was in downtown San Antonio at the mercado I saw these bracelets, and thought of them, just another reminder so they know they are not alone!



The worst thing you could hear is that one of your amazing friends has his infectious disease. But unfortunately it tried to ruin my friend Nikki’s life, but we would always say “Cancer messed with the wrong B—-” because she wasn’t going to go out without a fight. Being a single mom of her son Domenic and hearing that this is inside you, I can’t begin to imagine what she thought . She is one of the most strongest people I know, and I’m so glad she’s my friend.


This is Nikki and I at the New Kids on the Block concert dancing and singing the night away. (See Joey Mac in the background :)This was before she knew she was sick, Nikki has a smile that you will never forget! This was a great night!


Her story is pretty amazing. What she went through in those years is nothing a young woman in her 20’s should had to deal with. But she fought … and fought hard. She did everything the doctor told her and she didn’t give up. Nikki was kind enough to share the extreme details of her story in hopes that others will see the importance of self checks as well as mammogram screenings.



This is Nikki and I at one of the Race for the Cure walks that we would also attend in support of her, as you can see her smile is just as bright as our picture when we were singing our hearts away at the concert. Nikki never let her light get dim… she shined and she shined bright!

Our group of friends is tight and strong and we kept the fight up for her every step of the way, Β attending theΒ Race for the Cure and having fundraisers in support of Nikki throughout this time!


Nikki was put on a 5 year plan after being done with all of her procedures , due to the severe chemo that Nikki went through, doctors told her that she would not be able to have any more children because her eggs would not function properly and she was in the early stages of menopause. But what is God’s will, nothing can take away, and Nikki was meant to defeat this disease and become the mother of her sweet little girl Zoe who was born in 2012!


Nikki’s blessings continue to outshine the troubles she once faced as her and her wonderful boyfriend Will are now expecting another bundle of joy due next year!Β Β nik6

Sending lots of love and well wishes to Nikki and her beautiful family!

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    I love how you included 2 personal stories. I’m so glad your friend Nikki is doing well and talk about a miracle! How amazing πŸ™‚ I’m going to check into the Origami Owl, I need jewelry!

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      Thanks Crystal, They have so many cute stuff! I have a few pieces from them already! I want to get a few holiday charms!

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      Check out the website crystal , I’m positive you will find something you will love.

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    Thanks for sharing this post ! … know this is close to my heart #cancerpickedthewrongb*tch #niksnips

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      Thank you Star! Lots of love and hugs to you and your family! XO

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      Love you Star 😘

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    Coco’s girls always and forever !!! Thank you prima for this story about my beautiful Mom, your Tia. I know she is very proud of you . Love you 😘😘

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    What a great cause to support! I loved reading your personal stories, Marisa. Lovely pictures, too. #HomeMattersParty

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