5 Back To School Routine Tips!



Getting back to school is always a busy time. Planning schedules, pick up times, sports games and practices all while trying to keep everything moving at a fast pace can be exhausting. So we have 5 Back to School Routine Tips to share… I’m kind of excited that my daughter is at the tween age where she needs minimal help in getting ready for school but still needs help staying on track! One thing that we have in our everyday routine is the Sparkling Ice Naturally Flavored Water, its the perfect way to start our day with the over 15 colorful flavors to choose from… our mornings are far from bland!

5 Back To School Routine Tips!
Getting our favorite Sparking Ice flavors is so easy because we are able to order a few cases through Amazon and have it delivered straight to our door! I can’t get enough of the Cherry Limeade and my daughter’s favorite is Orange Mango. We always get the variety pack with a mix of 4 delicious flavors!

5 Back to School Routines Tips that keep us on track for getting out the door are simple and easy!

Β 1. Do something active to wake up!

Setting an alarm to get up is pretty common, how many times do we drag the kids out of bed if we even get that far! My daughter likes to do something fun like jumping jacks or even flipping upside down, believe me… doing something active will get them up for sure! Yes I know my girl is anything but ordinary!
5 Back To School Routine Tips!

2. Pack a lunch and snacks!

We always make sure to pack a lunch with plenty of extra snacks and our favorite Sparkling Ice water. Most days my daughter has practice after school and she always ends up having a snack in the afternoon. You can never have too much, a granola bar or crackers are easy snacks to pack!

5 Back To School Routine Tips!

3. Prepare outfits and hair style ideas the night before!

I know it seems like a small task that is easy to do, but with homework, dinner and baths going on in the evening we have forgotten to prepare…. and boy did we pay for it in the morning. Believe me you can easily have a 25 min conversation about clothes and hair with any little girl no matter the age, I’m so glad Mariya pre-plans her outfits even a few days before just to make sure everything is clean… it’s such a lifesaver!

4. Give them responsibilities!

Don’t feel bad for making a small 1-2 item to-do list for the kidos in the morning, it can be something as easy as putting away the dirty dishes after breakfast or making sure the pets have water in their bowls. My daughter likes to take our sweet Daisy on a short walk in the morning. It’s a big help to mom’s like me who are getting ready and making lunches for everyone…. Mariya takes her Sparkling Ice water with her to get the day started!


Even if it’s something small, we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There as been times that Mariya has left in a rush from not following her routine and skipped breakfast. She really regretted it later because she was so hungry at lunch time. Even taking a breakfast option to go will be a great idea!

We really hope everyone has a great start to the new school year! I hope our tips for Back to School gives you a little extra help! And don’t forget to try Sparkling Ice Natural Flavored Water and let us know which one is your favorite! You can save up to 15% plus get free delivery with Subscribe & Save as an Amazon Prime member!

5 Back to School Routine Tips!



  1. Those ICE waters are good. I get them as a treat from time to time. I’m a homeschool mom so the entire school routine falls on me.

  2. Amy Poulton says:

    Haha! I may not be at school any more, but I definitely need this kind of motivation, especially for getting up in the mornings! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jhilmil says:

    Perfect tips getting up in an active manner is so important for a great start of the day. I shall try Sparkling Ice water for sure.

  4. Emily Lauren says:

    Those waters look so yummy! I can’t wait to try these out.

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