Empowering Women featuring Azia Hernandez

Welcome to my empowering women segment, I’m very very excited to share this lovely lady with you! I know I always say this but I truly love this young lady, not only is she strong, smart, phenomenally talented, and beautiful but she also has a special place in my heart because she’s my little cousin! Azia is the daughter of my first cousin Joel and his wife Ericka who were high school sweethearts and have 4 sweet children, Azia being the only girl! I can remember visiting them on the west side of Detroit when I was a teenager when Azia was about 4 yrs old, and yes she was just as much of the little ray of sunshine that she is today! It’s no secret that Azia comes from a line of strong Latina women, but she took her dreams and made them her own reality. I’m so unbelievably proud of her and all her accomplishments… this is only the beginning of her amazing journey and she is just getting started. So world watch out for Azia Hernandez from Detroit, MI!!!

Empowering Women featuring Azia Hernandez

Azia is of course the princess of her family, but she is also a strong independent go-getter, you have to be if you want to accomplish things such as modeling in huge fashion shows, being in magazines and commercials, writing your own book to support Autism and becoming Ms. Michigan World. Yes that’s her resume so far and she’s just begun to scrap the surface of success!

Empowering Women - Featuring Azia Hernandez

M. Congratulations on winning Miss Michigan World this past August! I know you come from a background of pageantry from your mother and aunt. Your journey started years ago and this is a huge accomplishment in your “Pageant” career to achieve. Can you tell me about this entire “Ms. Michigan World” experience and the goals and charities you plan to help in your reigning year ahead?

Azia: Not only as Miss Michigan World, but as a young woman I truly want to touch and help as many lives as possible. I would like to spread acceptance of the special needs community and remind all, no matter what disabilities or challenges you might face, your dreams and goals are still valid. You have an infinite amount of possibilities to succeed and an infinite amount of possibilities to achieve those goals. I partnered with the Michigan Humane Society in order to talk about the importance of animal therapy and the benefits of rescuing an animal. I also launched the “I am Infinite Campaign” to bring not only autism awareness but autism acceptance!


M. Personally I know you have to be the most amazing sister to all your brothers Joey, Andres and Lorenzo, and your mom and dad Ericka and Joel are beyond proud of the young lady you have become! Your heart is honestly the biggest part of your beauty. Tell me about your family and your special connection to your youngest brother Lorenzo and the book you wrote that was inspired by him?

Azia: When I became a big sister, it was a role I took extremely seriously. It is the most important job I have ever had and will ever have for the rest of my days. That little boy not only inspired the book I wrote, but everything I do. He inspires me to be and do my best. If he can beat the odds since his toddler years and continue to be strong, then I as a young woman can too.

Azia wrote a book inspired by her brother Lorenzo to help create Autism awareness. She also chose this topic as one that she will advocate for during her reign as Ms. Michigan World!

M. So your pageant/modeling life has been beyond successful. You have traveled to New York and Chicago and have been in commercials and ads for so many companies! When did you decide to start in this journey, what was your inspiration and a few of the highlights you had in your career thus far? Because I know there are so many more to come.

Azia: I sort of fell into modeling when I was 16. I was inspired and motivated by not only the success to come, but the journey and knowledge I was going to gain along the way. I feel as if I’ve gained so much in such a short period of time. Every shoot and show is another opportunity to grow. My favorites have always been Bridal gowns. I remember one time in particular, when I was 17 years old and modeling a $35,000 stunning wedding gown.

Empowering Women Featuring Azia Hernandez

M. So not only do you have a successful pageant life but you are also helping other young girls that are interested in pageantry and coaching them into a successful and positive future. Tell me about the young ladies you are helping and what type of things are your helping/teaching them as they enter their pageant journey?  

Azia: I’ve always been very competitive in all areas of life, including coaching my pageant girls to win. I give my girls not only the skills needed to be strong competitors, but I also implement a strong work ethic and mindset to help them succeed in all aspects of life for decades to come. They learn how to win graciously and grow from a loss.

Empowering Women featuring Azia Hernandez

“I recently launched that I Am Infinite campaign. It promotes a positive outlook on special needs with a message which reminds everyone no matter what disabilities or challenges you might face you have an infinite amount of possibilities to succeed and an infinite amount of ways to achieve those goals. In order to help spread the word, I am asking participants from all over the country to take a picture holding my symbol to show their support and acceptance of the special needs community. Photos will be posted on the Healthost website. Photos do not need to be professional, however photos with a white background and white outfit will be featured and assist in the traffic of your photo. If you are interested please email me with the title box as “I Am Infinite Campaign” and I will send you a PDF of the I Am Infinite symbol.”

M. I honestly can’t wait to see what you do next, I know our entire family is beyond proud of you. Tell me your future goals, personally or the amazing career path you are on? What type of work would you like to do in the future, do you want a big family, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Azia: I want to make an impact on the world. I’d like to be 90 years old and think I did everything exactly the way I wanted to, helped as many people as possible, and have strive to reach every goal I had. One day I would absolutely love to be married to a handsome sweetheart, have children, and be the best mom I can be. But that’s not happening anytime soon, so I’m not going to worry about that part. In the next 5 years, I would like to be a rock star and kick life’s butt!

Get to know Azia and follow her Ms. Michigan World journey on Facebook!


How empowering is Azia , I encourage you to take a moment and follow her amazing journey, she is really making a difference in this world! Azia is also giving away a copy of her book that is not even available publicly to one luck winner! If you know someone with Autism, then you know what a big help reading a book about their own story will be!

To enter the contest, just follow Azia at Ms. Michigan World on Facebook

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Empowering Women featuring Azia Hernandez


  1. Crystal says:

    Awww….love this interview, especially learning more about the I am Infinite campaign. I love how positive and encouraging Azia is, what a wonderful role model to our girls!!

  2. Daria says:

    What a beautiful young lady-inside and out. She is wise beyond her years realizing her role as big sister is most important.

  3. This is great! She sounds like such an amazing woman and role model! Not to mention, she is gorgeous. We need more women like this mentoring our young girls.

  4. lesleycarter says:

    Sounds like an incredible journey and a powerful women. Congrats on all of your success. You are beautiful inside and out.

  5. What an amazing woman! I can tell from your interview that she is very strong and loyal to her family. I love that she wrote a book inspired by her little brother.

  6. Jill says:

    What a great article! I will be sharing this the my daughter. I love your story, thanks for sharing.

  7. Love the name Azia! What an amazing journey. She’s a beautiful woman inside and out.

  8. I love hearing about women who know their mission in life and have set high goals for themselves and then followed through. Thanks for sharing this story.

  9. SDuggan-VA says:

    This was such a lovely glimpse into her life and into your family. She is beautiful inside and out and can’t wait to see the world she touches with her kindness and kick booty attitude.

  10. Ana De-Jesus says:

    She is beautiful, I think it is incredible that she wrote a book to raise awareness of her brothers autism what an incredible woman she is!

  11. girlonthemoveblog01 says:

    Love this interview and she is absolutely gorgeous both inside and out! I love how she has used her platform to send such an important message

  12. What a great interview and she’s really pretty that is why I really like her

  13. reesann723 says:

    What an awesome young woman! Such a role model! Thank you for sharing the interview!

  14. Congratulations to her. I have two nephews with autism and I’m glad to see that her platform is in Autism Advocacy.

  15. almostindianwife says:

    Wow! Azia is such a big inspiration to young girls! It’s so important to have role models like this because we’re living in a time with so many poor examples! Especially for young girls!

  16. Sara G says:

    She certainly is a go-getter and a great role model for your girls – absolutely stunning.

  17. Danay says:

    I love stories like this. She is en example of hard work and believing in yourself.

  18. Azia is an impressive woman. Not only is she beautiful and accomplished, but she’s also using her platform for good.

  19. Debbie J. says:

    I adore interviews like this. I feel inspired by her story, her work ethic and her persistence.

  20. Awww what a lovely interview!!!! Azia sounds like a great person!!!! Loving the message behind the Infinite campaign

  21. Karina Pacheco says:

    Just one of many amazing women out there. So happy she was bale to get her story out there to inspire others.

  22. She seems beautiful on the inside and out. I love that she is helping other women feel empowered.

  23. What an amazing woman. Thanks for sharing insight into her life!

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