Fun, Facials & Girl Talk with April Mae Monterrosa

Who knew the importance of getting a professional facial done was so beneficial. I can tell you for me growing up, I didn’t even know what that meant! Thank God I have an amazing friend and licensed esthetician for over 20 years, April Mae Monterrosa! When I had my first facial ever (which was with April) I felt like I had a whole new layer of skin. So when my daughter started to notice her black heads and patchy skin, I thought it would be a good experience to take her in for her first facial with April!

Fun facials and Girl talk!

What an experience, she absolutely loved the process and even better she loved the way her skin felt afterwards!

One of the major benefits of getting a facial is clearing up your pores, which I thought was a great idea before Mariya starts getting into the make-up stage!

She learned a lot about skincare! It’s best to have a professional squeeze out pimples or blackheads Β so you don’t cause any acne scars or dark markings on your skin!

Having a professional like April was so much better then trying to “DIY” it ourselves! April provided personalized skin recommendations that would help Mariya take better care of her skin!

The steam was her favorite part! Mariya really found her happy place and she left their feeling confident and most importantly with healthy skin!

Thank you April for giving her an amazing experience!

April is not only an amazing beauty expert with her own spa in San Antonio, she is also a well known Lifestyle Blogger and Author of her own bookΒ Shine Beautifully: A Collection of Innermost Thoughts, Quotes, & PoetryΒ  April’s poetry & quotes (aka #TheAMMCollection) is so inspirational and motivating. April comes from a strong family background that show’s in everything she does and writes! I’m so lucky to personally know this amazing lady. Take a moment and follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. Crystal says:

    I need a facial!! Your daughter looks like she loved it!

  2. Michelle James says:

    This is such a fun thing to do with your daughter! Nothing like girl time! #HomeMattersParty

  3. What fun! Facials are so great for healthy skin AND relaxation. #HomeMattersParty

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