How to survive Mercury Retrograde?

How I survived Mercury Retrograde?

If you have not paid attention to the changes that happen during Mercury retrograde then you are probably chalking it up bad luck! But I happen to believe in the whole Mercury going backwards does in fact affect how things move forward! In my experience I noticed that things are sometimes delayed, or if I purchase something it may break and have to be returned or exchanged! Now I understand that these things happen all the time. But if you watch close, these types of situations are x 10 when Mercury is retrograde!

How I survived Mercury Retrograde?

As you know when Mercury is going backwards your communication & understanding is extremely off. So you will be re-doing everything in some type of way. You may not have said what you meant to say, or what you were communicating to someone was taken out of context. You may have come across a phone, computer or technology issues? Did you make any mistakes at work? Did you feel like you had turmoil or conflicts in your close relationships? This is all increased during Mercury retrograde!

How I survived Mercury Retrograde?

Here are some simple tasks you should never do during this time…..

  • Don’t sign any important papers
  • Don’t make any big purchases
  • You probably shouldn’t buy any new electronics either
  • Don’t take it personal – they most likely didn’t mean it
  • No critical thinking or blaming anyone
  • Try to keep your emotions under control (no moping)
  • And Please! Never ever get a haircut during retrograde (it could be a catastrophe)

OK, so when it’s all said and done let’s put this behind us and start getting back to some type of normal. You may have some apologizing to do, since that comment you made was taken wrong. You may have to go back and make sure those online bills were paid or look over any school or work projects you may have worked on, they may need some tweaking.


I’m all about spiritual healing if you haven’t realized that by now. Here are some things that can help set up a good aura around you and open up your Chakra (Wheel of Energy). Here is a simple explanation of your Chakra wheel, it’s your “chi”…the energy you give out and take in all happens through these channels. So you always want these to be balanced to help with health and healing, if you are into Yoga then you already know what I’m saying here!

These crystals can help enhance your communication in a spiritual way, as they can work to pull the energy from your Chakra… You can simply have the crystals displayed in your home, room or office, they could be placed next to or underneath your bed or you could even wear them.

Blue Lace Agate – (Throat Chakra) Blue lace agate is a gentle, calming stone that engenders tranquility and grace. It helps in reaching higher spiritual communication.


Amazonite – (Throat Chakra) Amazonite is a mint green to aqua green stone said to be of truth, honor, communication, integrity, hope, and trust. Also benefits of communication and strongly associated with you third eye.


This is one of my favorites!!!

Aquamarine– (Throat Chakra) Aquamarine is metaphysically known as a stone of courage and fortitude that can bring great power. It also helps bring inner-peace, self-love and is seen as a “good luck” stone.


Emerald– (Heart Chakra) Emerald is a stone that is used in crystal work to bring forth manifestation. This manifestation can be in the form of prosperity and abundance. It’s known as the love and romance stone and helps bring passion and happiness into your relationship, even heal the broken heart!


See articles on the other stones at

Check out the Farmers Almanac and see when the next Mercury Retrograde!

I’m looking forward to taking this time to reflect, re-build and renew!

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