Meet Lupita! A New Family Tradition!

As you know my blog is all about sharing the moments in life, and moments like these are the ones that mean the most! Meet Lupita!  When I first saw her I immediately thought… finally, a tradition the Latino culture can relate to. You will notice her to have the similarities of Elf on the Shelf or Mensch on a Bench, after all every faith has similar values that we want to carry on in tradition for generations to come.Meet Lupita! A New Family Tradition!

The amazing woman behind this project is Leslie Guzman from Cincinnati, Ohio who is the creator of Lupita, a friend to all children that tells the story of the Virgin of Guadalupe and Juan Diego! Leslie is a mother herself of 3 beautiful children and she felt the inspiration to create a tradition that her children and many other children can relate to. But Leslie’s purpose and drive goes further as the proceeds from Lupita Tradition are donated to the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy fund which is an incurable disease that Leslie’s oldest son Diego suffers from. Lupita’s encouragement to do good and treat others with kindness and respect is intended to bring awareness of the need for friendships for special needs children, and with that the Lupita Tradition was born!

Meet Lupita! A New Family Tradition!

Lupita’s purpose is very inspirational, she arrives on Dec.12, Our Lady of Guadalupe Day, and she encourages children to do good deeds and tell her about them for the following 25 days. On January 6, 3 Kings day, a special visit is made to the children who were good!

Meet Lupita! A New Family Tradition!

Lupita comes with a beautiful bilingual book, that tells the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego through her eyes.

Lupita the doll, is a soft beautiful doll that has velcro praying hands, she is meant to be held and cuddled. Each doll also has a special little note from Lupita asking the children to do good and tell her about their good deeds each day! Lupita even has an app that your child can write the good deeds in and send them to her. She comes with a wonderful keepsake box with a magnetic closure to keep Lupita safe throughout the year. Each box also has a Lupita Tradition calendar for every child to follow along.

Lupita is bringing joy to children around the world and most importantly reminding them about the reason for the Christmas season! Lupita is sold in 3 editions Red, Silver and Gold, but each of them is truly a gift any child would treasure!


We are so excited to have our own Lupita, I truly believe no matter your child’s age, Lupita is something that means so much because of her purpose and her story about faith, values and friendship.

Lupita will make the perfect gift this Holiday season and a wonderful tradition for your family to celebrate for years to come!

I want to thank Leslie for being such an extraordinary person in creating Lupita and sharing her vision, all while creating awareness for children with special needs and raising funds for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

  1. Watch Leslie’s video introduction below!

    Thank you so much for your support!






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Read about Lupita as she spreads kindness around the world!


  1. malicia73 says:

    Love this! Wish this was available when my kids were young. 😍

  2. Crystal says:

    What a beautiful tradition for families. This is our first year doing Elf on the shelf and sometimes that pesky elf forgets to move!

    I like how this one is centered towards doing good deeds for others.

    I shared! 🙂

    1. says:

      I love that she’s all about good deeds and faith! Thanks for entering and sharing!!! Good Luck!

  3. John Pena says:

    this is very cool, it connects tradition with belief … my kids are still young and this would be a great tradition to begin

    1. says:

      Very True John, This is something that can carry on in generations to come! Thanks for entering the contest! Good Luck!

  4. Tandi Cortez says:

    I absolutely love the Lupita doll and what it promotes. This would be a great tradition to start in my family. I shared on twitter and pinterest. Thanks!

    1. says:

      I know we love it too! I think shes such a positive influence! Thanks for sharing and entering the contest! Good Luck!

  5. Marisa, I love this post so much.❤️ It’s so amazingly sweet. I tried to buy the Elf on the shelf but he really freaks me out! I couldn’t and it’s a struggle trying to find speacial traditions for our family. Especially being Mexican. I want to incorporate our culture into our family traditions and teach my children about our culture so it stays alive. I’ve been trying to teach them Spanish as well. You did a wonderful job on this post. I’m so in love with it and the Lupita tradition. I love even more what she stands for, it brings joy to my heart. I’m entering the giveaway and am very excited about it! I’ll spread the word! Im so so so excited to have a chance to win Lupita for my boys❤️ Thank you for the giveaway!

    1. Done. I followed on both FB and Insta. Shared on all platforms. Yay!!!

    2. says:

      I know what you mean Monica, I fell in love with everything that she stands for once I read her story. My daughter is 12 and Lupita’s meaning influenced her to do better and be positive. Lupita is something that she can carry on to her children one day. Thank you for sharing, Good luck 🙂 !!!! XOXO

  6. Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe is not a holiday we celebrate mostly because we aren’t Catholic. However, I love this message of Lupita. It’s beautiful and dolls and stories are great gateways to teach children about different holidays. This is great!

  7. danay says:

    What a wonderful homage to Latino holiday traditions. I’m grabbing these for all of my nieces!

  8. Although I am a christian that does respect the Virgin Mary but doesn’t worship her, I find this like a great way to teach children about faith.

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