Mini Fruit & Veggie Kabobs & Summer Detox Water Recipes

It’s Summer time and It’s HOT …Especially in Texas! You can’t go a day without wanting to jump in the pool!!! But since I can’t do that everyday, I have my favorite Summer snack and water detox recipes that can help keep us cool all summer long!

One of my favorite childhood vegetables to eat was Jicama, it’s considered a Mexican turnip and comparable to water chestnuts! My dad use to just peel the skin and slice it in large chunks, I would run inside in between hide and seek and bike rides to snack on it!  But I wanted to experiment and come up with a Fruit and Veggie Kabob that included my favorite veggie!

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Mini Fruit & Veggie Kabobs
These Mini Fruit & Veggie Kabobs are the perfect summer the pool, cookout or party these will definitely be a hit! The recipe is so simple but the trick is eating (1) kabob all at once... I know that sounds like a lot but they are mini and the taste of all three together is so delicious!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
  1. After all the ingredients is chopped, put one of each onto a mini kabob stick
  2. Create the sweet and spicy mixture to pour on top! 1 Lime (Sliced and Squeezed Raw Honey Chili Powder - Mix together thoroughly
  3. Pour Mixture over Kabobs and let chill for 10 mins!
Recipe Notes

Jicama is so delicious and the big bonus is that its only 50 calories per cup , high in vitamin C and high potassium vegetable!

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A big Thank You to SA LIVE in San Antonio for featuring me on their daytime live show! Check out my Facebook for the link to the video!

Another go-to for me during the summer are my favorite detox water recipes! We all know that water intake is super important during the hottest times of the day… but let’s be honest, we can only drink so many plain glasses of water!

Here are my 3 Detox Water Recipes that help with digestion, cravings and even glowing skin!

1. Lemon, Raw Honey & Water – Is great for weight-loss and increasing your metabolism.

2. Strawberries, Mint, Cucumber, Lemon & Water – Is great for help bloating, digestion and glowing skin.

3. Boiled Water, Organic Cinnamon, Raw Honey – Great for stabilizing Blood Sugar levels and cravings.


Check out my video on how easy it is to make Mini Fruit & Veggie Kabobs!


  1. Danay says:

    I’m loving those kabobs. I have to try them at my next get together next weekend!

  2. Belu says:

    This looks deli! I have to try it for sure!

  3. Oscar says:

    Jicama is awesome, a little lime, a little tajin and bam!

  4. Yum! I love jicama + cucumber + chili powder + lime!!!! It’s a winning combination.
    From personal experience, I can say the lemon + cucumber + mint water really does fight bloating, so drink up gals!

  5. Tabitha Serrano says:

    This looks like a great alternative to watermelon. I’m sure I’ve had it, just can’t remember if it’s sweet or not?

  6. I loved this recipe!! I can imagine how delicious it taste!
    Thanks for sharing, perfect for this summer! 😀

  7. sparkleese says:

    I love jicama! I’m going to have to try this! 💛

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